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XAL Light 24

House M on XAL Light magazine 24


Nestled in a quiet residential area in Meran in South Tyrol, there is a bungalow that is visible for miles around, a house whose design is based on a skilful interplay between solid and transparent surfaces. A magnificent two-story building arose that provides generous insights, outlooks and vistas at all levels. The refined exterior design and the arrangement of the pool, lawn, garden and house makes the house and its surroundings look like one unit with seamless transitions. The interior just seems to melt right into its outside surroundings. The glass facades, doors and window elements were designed as full-glass
elements with triple insulating glazing. The ground floor has windows from the floor to the ceiling, giving the impression that the land flows through the building and extends on to the pool and lawn area. Instructural terms, the ground floor also follows the slightly sloping contours of the land, aiming to retain as much garden space as possible, which clearly benefits the pool and its recreation area.
The colour white dominates the walls and surfaces inside the house, which work in combination with the glass surfaces and the generously sized rooms to create an almost floating feeling of space and vastness, an impression that is further emphasized by the spacious window apertures and sliding glass doors. The reinforced concrete construction was designed as a compact volume for energy efficiency.
The illumination technology relies above all on the new front-mounted rail system JANE, which ensures not only the additional emphasis of the building’s otherwise strong horizontal lines, but also indirect illumination of the living area and facade lighting. The light rails were combined here and there with light accents.

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