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The Plan

Probat Ltd

Probat Trockenbau & Ausbau GmbH's new headquarters

The company’s new headquarters are strategically located in a highly visible part of the industrial area of the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt. Since the company operates in the mortarless 'dry' construction field, the new headquarters are a genuine symbol for the company, a manifest expression of its merging of skill, reliability, contemporary spirit and cutting-edge technology.
The design sets out not only to achieve functional, pleasant office spaces, meeting rooms and areas for receiving clients, but also to provide a high quality overall image. In practical terms, this translates into two buildings. The one, a single-storey construction on the south-western side, provides warehouse space, while the main double-storey edifice, facing south-east, is the office block. These two buildings clearly differ in size, a distinction that is reinforced by the use of colours and materials. The warehouse has dark cladding, while the main volume is bright and shiny, with large glazed walls running along the façades and sizeable sections of light-coloured, polished metal panels that frame the elevations horizontally, almost embracing them with clear figurative overtones.
The building is very much "on display", foregrounding the highly effective, elegant composition in which the value of the image integrates with the needs of representative and functional architecture. The layout of the office block shows the correlation of spaces and materials, driven by the overarching need to achieve spaces full of natural light that are comfortable to work in. The façades run along the three sides of the complex, with the entrance located at the centre. The lobby is a notable, double-height space that, with large glazed areas, is clearly visible from the outside.
The stairs leading to the upper floor are another striking architectural element that unfolds elegantly, adding dynamism to the interior. This staircase, with a glass parapet, is adjacent to the glazed façade and it adds to the configuration and perception of space at the entrance, which becomes a multifaceted area combining a reception hall, waiting room, and an informal, open meeting room in a zone appointed with freedom. The staircase too becomes a point of multiple relations, bringing dynamism both to the interior and the exterior, beyond the "glazed wall", and picking up on the "frame" of light-coloured metallic panels that decorate the elevations. It is another element that helps to powerfully define the building's image.
Inside, the linear sequence of offices and meeting rooms, running along a section of the perimeter on both floors, merges with the dynamic and fluid definition of the main connecting spaces. On the northern corner of the ground floor, there are an open meeting space and an area for informal meetings, almost like a lounge for relaxing. The piece of furniture plays a key role in defining this area. It is a single item that envelops the area, creating niches and expansions. On the one side, it acts as a welcoming seat, while on the other, a table for meetings. The furniture looks almost like a piece of sculpture that adds to the dynamic view of the architecture.

Francesco Pagliari

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